Cheap to produce. Long lasting. Environmentally-friendly.

Vaylenx’s initial product is a nanoparticle larvicide in a simple polymerized pellet which is cheap to produce, environmentally-friendly and includes a novel method to eliminate mosquitoes. Additionally, the materials used to synthesize CNP-1© can be recycled decreasing production costs. These nanoparticles, pending further investigative research and testing, have proven to be of no consequence to surrounding flora or fauna when introduced into the mosquito breeding site.



CNP-1© can maintain its concentration in standing water for months at a time. 7.5kg effective for 2.5 million L of water. 1 unit treats the volume of an olympic size swimming pool. 

Mosquitoes not resistant 
Mosquitoes develop resistances to current larvicides and pesticides, such as Temephos, creating a constant need for new technologies such as CNP-1©.

Low/No-risk to wildlife and humans
Fish have been observed to live in treated water and eat the dead larvae with no consequences. Humans often ingest nanoparticles due to their widespread use in areas like fertilizing wheat, cancer research, and targeted pharmaceutical delivery.